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We make gaming mouse pads in super designs. Choose from a selection of ready products or present your own design. Create your own design, graphics, send us your design for a mouse pad and will custom make it for you. You can also choose from our own range of graphics in our e-shop.

We see things differently

What is it, what’s happened? Its 2019, everything is cool, in, nice….and all sorts of other things and mouse pads are what? Right, a million pound question ….3….2…1….yes, the right answer is GREY, DULL…..Yeah, sometimes they are made from silicone and show some bust or flash in the rhythm of the game disco, which can be quite nice. And if we open our wallet wide enough our mouse pad can even treat our joints and charge some batteries. Everyone likes something different. We don’t like the grey dullness. And so we created something that could look a little better than just a black background with a logo. Take look and send us your opinion, or order the one you like the look of.

Choose from our graphics, which we have prepared for you.

go for it and design your own graphics for your mouse pad


do you like surprises? Write and tell us what you would like and we will take up the challenge.


Do you have an idea for your own design or a specific picture you want to have on your mouse pad?



Create your own design or graphics. PhotoShop, Gimp, Photo Paint… Use any program and send us your design.


We try to be as fast as we can, but you have to count on it taking 7 days before the postman knocks on your door. Apparently he rings twice.


For games clans, teams, clubs, etc…we can prepare multi-item series in club colours. The more you have, the more you want and our discount increases with the quantity ordered. Send an enquiry using the form below.

We will be happy to offer your design to other players if it is interesting. It’s up to you.

Basic information about the
manufactured pads

A few numbers and some basic information about the
manufactured gaming mouse pads.

  • a smooth SPEED MAT surface for fast and precise mouse movement
  • fabric, pleasant to the touch, doesn’t freeze your joints
  • fray-proof laser cut or stitched edges
  • 3 mm thick anti-slip rubber base, soft under your hand, stays in place
  • size M – 320 mm x 270 mm
  • size L – 440 mm x 340 mm
  • densely woven fabric – ensures precise cursor movement





Fray-proof laser cut edge.


Stitched pad edge, which holds its shape.

Green power | our
latest graphics

Orcs are green and powerful. They may even be ecological,
we’ll see next time : )

Take a look at one of the latest mouse pad we have prepared
for you. You can find even more designs in our e-shop.

Price | order
Or simply write to us.

We like letters, who doesn’t? We always look forward to opening our e-mail with the anticipation of new messages. If you need to send files,then send them as standard by e-mail. The address is in the footnote . You can order one mouse pad in our e-shop, if you want more (possibly for your clan), send an enquiry using this form.

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