If you are a visitor to this website, are sending us the contact form or becoming a recipient of news, you entrust your personal data to us. Our company is liable for securing and protecting this data. Please become familiar with protection of personal data, the principles and your rights in relation to European Parliament and Council Regulation EU 2016/679 (hereinafter the GDPR).


The controller of the personal data of natural persons is the mooonster s.r.o. Company, Company Reg No. 06656315, with registered office at Trpinky 46/7 Vrahovice, 798 11 Prostějov,
registered with the Regional court in Brno, under File No. C 103445, simultaneously the operator of the website at the domain

We declare

That, as the controller of personal data, we fulfil all the legal duties required by the valid legislation, particularly the GDPR, and therefore that:

  • we will process your personal data on the basis of a valid legal reason, particularly for the purpose of performance of the contract, legal duties, justified interest or granted consent,
  • we fulfil our duty to provide information according to Article 13 of the GDPR before commencing processing of personal data,
  • we will enable and support you in applying and exercising your rights according to the GDPR.


  • Key identification and contact data provided directly by customers of the website (name, surname, e-mail address, residential address, Company Reg No., telephone number). 
  • Cookies files (Google Analytics) in relation to visitors to the website (type of browsers, type of your device, location, which website you visited our website from, how much time you spent and which pages you visited, the page you left from).
  • mooonster s.r.o. does not compile or otherwise process any special or sensitive personal data set out in Article 9 according to the GDPR, including for instance data about your state of health, religion or conviction, etc.


  • For provision of services, performance of the contract, including negotiations regarding performance of previous contracts. Predominantly on-line. This would not be possible without processing this personal data.
  • If you are customers, we need your personal data (invoicing data) for issuing and registering tax documents (keeping the accounts) in order to fulfil our legal duties.
  • Pro marketing – for the purpose of sending news (newsletter) and business messages with our own content, by two methods:
    1) to our customers on the grounds of justified interest to inform clients of additional services, options or expansion of services, 2) to registered parties interested in receiving news, where we first of all transparently ask you (double-opt-in) for your consent to process your personal data for this purpose.
  • For basic secure operation of the website and basic analysis of website visiting rates, so that we can improve our services and you can use them correctly, which we consider the controller’s justified interest.
  • Cookies may only be processed for targeted advertising on the basis of your prior consent.


Employees and selected co-workers have access to your personal data. All persons with access to your personal data are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and this obligations remains valid even after our collaboration ends.  In order to assure specific processing operations, which we are unable to ensure ourselves, we use the services and applications of processors who are capable of protecting data even better than we are and specialise in the specific type of processing. These are the providers of the following platforms:

  • Google LLC (Google Analytics, tools for on-line marketing)
  • SmartSelling a.s. (SmartEmailing)
  • WordPress com (publication and editing system)
  • ONEsolution s.r.o. (hosting, domains)
  • independent payroll accountant (we provide details to individual
    data subjects)


In relation to performance of a contract we process data until the order is settled, including its payment. The controller is legally required to store some data contained in accounting documents for 10 years.

Business messages are sent to registered interested parties until their consent is withdrawn, but for a maximum of 3 years. Business messages are sent to customers until they object to having their data processed for this purpose. In relation to both versions, data is processed until the data subject deregisters from receiving such information by using a deregistration link present in each business message.

Personal data is processed in relation to basic analyses for a period of 5 years.

The processor only processes personal data in excess of the time limits set out above in cases when this is essential for performing fulfilling on the basis of legal regulations applying to the controller.


You have a number of rights in relation to protection of personal data. If you want to exercise any of these rights please contact us by sending an e-mail to

  • You have the right to information about what personal data we register about you, which is fulfilled by this information page containing the principles of processing personal data.
  • Thanks to your right to access you can ask us which personal data we process in regard to your person and why and we will provide this information to you within 14 days.
  • You have the right to supplement or correct personal data if your situation changes or you find that your personal data is not current or is incomplete.
  • You also have the right to restrict processing of your personal data if you believe that we process your inaccurate data or that we are processing your data illegally, but you do not want to delete all your data or if you object to the processing of your data. You can restrict the scope of the personal data or the purpose of processing (e.g. deregistration from a newsletter
    restricts the purpose of processing for sending business messages).
  • You have the right to transferability of data. If you want to take your personal data and transfer it to someone else, we will proceed in the same manner as if you exercised the right to
    access, with the difference that the information will be sent to you in machine-readable form within 30 days.
  • You have the right to raise an objection against processing of personal data and the right to not be the object of automated individual decisions.
  • You have the right to deletion (be forgotten). We don’t want to forget you, but if you wish to be, you are entitled to be forgotten. In such cases we will delete all your personal data from our system and the systems of individual processors and backups within 60 days, apart from cases when we are legally required to keep this information. We will inform you by e-mail of completion of deletion.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to processing your personal data at any time, without needing to give a reason (e.g. consent to having a newsletter sent to you).
  • The controller is required to notify you with regard to correction, or deletion of your personal data or restriction of processing. You may apply your rights to the controller by using the contact information in item No. 8. In the event of breach of our duties as a controller, you always have the option of submitting a complaint to the Office for Protection of Personal Data (


Disposal of personal data takes place fully in compliance with the valid legal regulations. The controller assures security and emphasises the technical and organisation security of the data being processed while it is being processed. All personal data in electronic form is stored in databases and systems, to which only the persons who need to dispose of the personal data directly for the purposes set out in these rules, have access to this data, only in the essential scope. Access to this personal data is protected by password and firewall.

The controller regularly tests the security of the personal data.


For on-line communication send an e-mail to:
We prefer on-line communication, but if necessary you can also contact us at the company’s address: Trpinky 46/7, 798 11, Prostějov.